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Noble Archives

Preserve your legacy with a cinematic biographical documentary.


Remember your family history,

for generations to come

Bring your family tree to life with a compelling and cinematic biographical documentary

that vividly and sentimentally

captures your life stories.


What's included?

The final film will include interviews, personal photographs and supportive footage,

edited with original music to deliver an engaging, compelling and interesting film

to experience for generations to come.​​

Why preserve your legacy?

  • Remember your family history

  • Create a record that lasts indefinitely

  • Work with a passionate team who is here for YOU

  • Capture your memories

  • Memorialize your loved ones

  • Give a precious gift to your descendants 


If a picture can say a thousand words, Noble Archives Legacy Documentaries says a million!

Imagine being able to watch the life stories of your ancestors; 

to know their thoughts,feelings and impressions,

up close and personal.


Wouldn’t that be incredible?

To watch and listen as they recount their experiences, both mundane and extraordinary, and let them guide you through the times they lived in all in their own words!


Many of our ancestors left us only with census records which don't show us who they really were or what they dreamed for themselves…..or for your family in the future. 


Noble Archives provides you with the opportunity to create a digital collection of documentaries featuring your family members that will endure for lifetimes. 

Now you can give your loved ones the opportunity to commemorate your family's life achievements, stories and visions on film and for generations to come 


Everyone has a story to tell

The power of story connects us for lifetimes.

Celebrate and preserve your remarkable true-life tales, family history, personalities and lessons. Your words. Your messages. Your legacy. 


Let's talk about your vision

Thank you! We'll be in touch soon.

Make your mark with a legacy film

Noble Archives is committed to helping individuals and families capture their unique lives on film, to share for generations to come. 

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